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Merchant’s Oyster Bar **Brunch Edition**

Brunch is one of my favorite activities to do during Weekends, it’s what I look forwarding to on a weekly bases, where I get to have fun with friends and enjoy a good meal. Merchant’s Oyster Bar is just the place for that. 

Merchant’s Oyster Bar is the corner restaurant between Commercial Drive and Gravelly Street. Many people haven’t been to this place but heard great things about them; I assure you Merchant’s live up to the hype and can cook up some of the best dishes in town. I love going there, along with my sister; in fact we go so much that we’re good friends with the owner and staff. The only downside of Merchant’s is the food comes out slow, so when you’re dining there do spare enough time for the day but then it’s brunch you’re not suppose to be enjoying yourselves. 

Everything that Merchant’s serves are delicious, there isn’t a dish that I came across I dislike and don’t think I ever will. Oyster selections there changes weekly and always fresh, so check the daily board or ask your server. The lobster benny and the baked skillet are excellent, the poached eggs there are cooked to perfection, soft and gooey every time; the baked skillet is super flavorful and light, and I suggest you add the sausage on the side as well. Another favorite on the table is the ‘coddled’ eggs, which is a creamer base with spinach and mushrooms. To end the perfect brunch you got to order their award winning olive oil ice cream and the Chocolate terrine, I suggest you order both and eat them together rather separately because they taste phenomenal combined. 

I absolutely love Merchant’s for their brunch and dinner (another post); but most of all Owner Doug and the staff, because they treat customers well and making sure everyone is taken care of. 

Food: 4.5/5

Ambience: 5/5

Service: 5/5 

Merchant’s Website:

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